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Weather Policy

August 17th, 2017


The United Shore Professional Baseball League has every intention of playing each game, even when the weather forecast may be calling for rain. Jimmy John’s Field’s playing surface includes state-of-the-art drainage in the outfield and an oversized tarp to cover the infield dirt. This combination allows the USPBL a great chance to play ball regardless of the amount of rain that might fall prior to a game. The Jimmy John’s Field grounds crew will be hard at work to maintain and prepare the field for each and every game. A decision to play, suspend, cancel or postpone will NOT be made prior to the scheduled start time of any game, and a game’s start time will more likely be delayed before an official decision is made. This is done to allow for additional time to evaluate the weather forecast for the Utica area.

There is NO SET TIME for the cancellation or postponement of a game due to weather. Each weather situation is different and includes unique variables and circumstances. Anytime weather is an issue, we weigh factors that include the amount of rain the field has already absorbed and future forecasts, including likelihood of future rain, possible rain duration, and the severity of additional weather. The decision to cancel or postpone a game due to weather is made with these, and many other, factors in mind. The most important factor we consider is the safety of our fans and the players. When weather is an issue we make decisions that are in the best interest of the majority of those with tickets. We understand that each fan with a ticket to a game also has unique circumstances. Weather, good or not, is a factor to consider with an outdoor entertainment option, such as USPBL baseball.

Please keep in mind weather forecasts in our area (TV and radio) are intended to cover an area of well over 100 square miles. We utilize multiple sources, including a professional weather service and radar, to pinpoint the weather at our specific location in downtown Utica to receive forecasts specific to our location. It may very well be raining at your house, but be sunny with blue skies at the ballpark.

Rain Out Procedure

If the game is OFFICIALLY cancelled, postponed or suspended, which means the game never started or we failed to complete an official game, fans should keep their ticket stubs with that game’s date. In most instances, a game that is cancelled, postponed or suspended due to weather will be made up as part of a double header. Fans are NOT REQUIRED to use their tickets for the make-up game. Rainout tickets may be used for a similar ticket location to a scheduled make-up or restart of a suspended game or may be exchanged for any remaining regular season USPBL game during the 2017 season at Jimmy John’s Field, based on availability. All tickets are based upon availability, and are valid for an equal, or lesser value, ticket. No full or partial refunds will be given for a difference in ticket price. Fans should redeem their tickets early once they know what game they would like to attend to avoid that game being sold out.

In order for a ticket exchange to take place, the tickets must be presented in person to the ticket Box Office at the time the transaction is taking place, or the tickets can be mailed in for an exchange. If a guest mails in tickets, they must include their contact information and top three game choices as well as seating preference. They will be contacted by a USPBL representative when the tickets are received.


Tickets can be mailed to:


United Shore Professional Baseball League

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