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Unable to attend every game in your plan? One of the greatest benefits of being a ticket plan member is the opportunity to use the ticket plan exchange program. This ensures tickets don’t go to waste by allowing them to be exchanged for a USPBL game later in the season.


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We want to reward you for helping spread the word about how exciting it is to be a USPBL Season Ticket Member! Refer a friend, coworker, or family member that might be interested in season tickets (that is not currently a Season Ticket Member) and you earn gift certificates it they purchase.

A Full Season Membership: $75 USPBL Gift Certificate
A 40 Game Membership: $50 USPBL Gift Certificate
A 25 Game or 10 Game Membership (2 or more Seats): $25 USPBL Gift Certificate

Email to or call (248) 601-2400 ext. 2 with your name, season ticket account number, and the name and phone number of the person you are referring.

“I’ve brought many friends and family members to enjoy the entire Jimmy John’s Field experience with us. My family loves coming to Jimmy John’s Field for the experience that surrounds the USPBL games; from the red carpet treatment at our dedicated season ticket holder entrance to frequent meals in the AAA Clubhouse before the game starts where the service is great and the entire staff up to the Head Chef acknowledges our repeat business. My in-laws really appreciate the elevator to get them to our seats, and my son loves participating in the kid specific activities from the playground to the Kids Club and running the bases after any game he wants to. There are special themes and offers to enjoy at every game from all-you-can-eat nachos to Friday night fireworks. We appreciate the convenience of dedicated parking and a shuttle to get my in-laws from the parking lot to the stadium driven by the friendliest driver! We believe that USPBL tickets are a great value, the location is convenient, and the players offer professional baseball play to watch.” – Phil

“This will be our 4th year purchasing USPBL season tickets at Jimmy John’s Field. We started the first year with about 12 games. The second year we attended over 25 games. When you attend a game you are treated like family! The staff is very friendly and helpful. League Owner and CEO Andy Appleby greets al the customers after every game and thanks them for attending. JJ The Field General is a Golden Retriever who picks up the bat and entertains fans at the stadium, and he is very friendly. We use coming to a game as date night. None of the seats are bad. The ticket prices are very reasonable. The food is fantastic and the drinks are reasonable. The stadium is only about 10 minutes from our house. There’s free parking close to the stadium. A shuttle bus will pick you up if you require and drop you off in front of the ticket office. You are only about a block away from Downtown Utica. Kathy and I look forward to spring every year!” – Tom and Kathy

“We love being season ticket holders. There’s something for every fan, young or old. It’s more than just baseball, we are treated like family every single time we walk through the gate. There is no better place to bring OUR family for a fun night.” – Jan and Darrell

“The thing that we like best about the USPBL is the small town atmosphere. It is also easy in and out for parking, and not such a long drive home.” – Michelle

“We have been Season Ticket Members since season one. Living close to the ballpark gave us the opportunity to observe all the phases of construction the park went through to become the world class ballpark that it is today. We knew this was going to be a great place in which to spend time with family and friends. We knew we wanted to attend more than just an occasional ballgame so decided to purchase season tickets. Being Season Ticket Members has given us the opportunity to become acquainted with the USPBL staff and management team as well. Every game we attend we are greeting with cheerful hellos. We always feel like staff members are genuinely happy to see us and are there to make our game day experience the best and most positive experience it can be. Being a Season Ticket Member is truly the best value for your dollar. You will not find a cleaner, safer, friendlier or better managed ballpark anywhere.” – Paul and Darlene

“Last season was our 5th season at the park. Year 1, we were casual fans. Year 2, we became season ticket holders and the USPBL became our summer family. Our experience over the past three seasons has gone much deeper, and the family connection does not end at the end of the season. Everyone from Owner and CEO Andy Appleby to the ticket takers really care about you, more than just a ticket holder, but as a person, wanting to know about you, and the same holds true for us wanting to know and care about those working at the stadium. We no longer consider this our summer family, because it doesn’t end at the end of the season but continues year round, staying on contact with managers, staff and stadium workers has become the norm. We love to bring guests or groups to the park, because it will sell itself. As recent as yesterday in my office, we were inviting a family who had never been to the park next season. From our heart, we truly care about all those we have had the pleasure of getting to know at the USPBL and Jimmy John’s Field.” – Mel and Judy

“The 2019 season was our first as season ticket holders, and we were not sure what we were getting ourselves into. We started with a 5 game flex plan, and quickly used those up and still came to an additional 10+ games. The atmosphere that is provided from the second you set foot on the property is top notch. We love the family friendly experiences and the affordable prices around the stadium. We enjoyed building relationships with various staff members throughout the year and hearing their stories. The USPBL and Jimmy John’s Field is not just a league and a place to go, but more like a big extended family, that we really enjoy seeing.” – The Page Family

“I wanted to THANK YOU for a job well done! You have NAILED IT! And I dare say you are better than Disneyland. You are more affordable. All the activities you have put in a game night occupy absolutely everyone: the youngsters who got to make their proudly worn headbands for their favorite team, the giveaways, the special selections of random rows for more giveaways, the Beer Batter of the night so we’ll watch if he gets a hit and we get a discount, the movie nights, the fireworks I’ve heard about, letting the kids run the bases afterwards and give high-fives to the team mascots… it all adds up to the greatest thing I’ve seen in decades.” – Paula