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Play in the USPBL

If you are interested in playing in the USPBL and would like the USPBL Baseball Operations Staff and Coaches to learn more about you, fill out the required information below. Over the last few years, the USPBL has signed several players that have submitted their information from the Prospective Players form. The more complete and thorough you are with filling out and providing the necessary information, the more realistic your opportunity to get involved with the USPBL. Treat the form and required video as an interview and tryout in and of itself.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about you.


  1. Very briefly, tell us about yourself.
  2. Why are you interested inlaying in the USPBL?
  3. What do you think it will take for you to get singed by a MLB Organization?
  4. What are the greatest strengths of your game?


Film yourself performing the requested videos and provide a link or file in the Prospective Player Folder (can be found HERE). When filming, it’s ideal is you can provide the videos with high clarity and frames to allow for best evaluation. Be sure the video is not too far away and the full frame of the body is in view. Be sure to name the videos with your first and last name.

The options below are helpful for further evaluation.


  • Bullpen Side View (chest facing camera) – 5 Fastballs max intensity
  • Bullpen Back View – 5 Fastballs max intensity, 5 Off-Speed pitches max intensity
  • Game Footage – Centerfield Camera
  • Verified Rapsodo, Trackman, FlightScope, Pocket Radar Data

Position Players:

  • Exit Velocity Test – 10 Balls off a tee hit up the middle, filmed from side view
  • Barrel Accuracy Test – 15 total pitches from the front toss or overhand. 5 swings to pull side, 5 up the middle, 5 to opposite, filmed from behind hitter
  • Defensive Skill
    • Infielders – Series of ground balls moving all directions and throwing to bases
    • Outfielders – Series of fly balls moving all directions and throwing to bases
  • Throwing Skill – 5 max intensity throws to target, filmed from side view
  • Game Footage
  • Verified Rapsodo, Trackman, FlightScope, Pocket Radar Data
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

Any questions can be emailed to