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Players Signed by MLB Organizations

A total of 52 USPBL players have signed with MLB organizations and 5 have been on Major League Rosters.

Player USPBL Team MLB  Roster Year
Luis Contreras Hoppers Houston Astros 2024
Randy Wynne Beavers Cincinnati Reds 2023
Joey Wiemer Beavers Milwaukee Brewers 2023
Jared Koenig Unicorns Oakland Athletics 2022
Logan Gillaspie Hoppers Baltimore Orioles 2022
Randy Dobnak Unicorns Minnesota Twins 2019
Player USPBL Team MLB  Organization Year Signed
Andrew Huffman Unicorns Minnesota Twins 2024
Duncan Hewitt Mammoths Minnesota Twins 2023
Francis Florentino Mammoths Minnesota Twins 2023
Kyle Bischoff Mammoths Minnesota Twins 2023
Jake Wosinski Hoppers Minnesota Twins 2023
John Murphy Mammoths Cincinnati Reds 2023
Pierce Banks Hoppers Minnesota Twins 2022
Ricardo Velez Hoppers Minnesota Twins 2021
Jackson Hicks Mammoths Minnesota Twins 2021
Jordan Carr Unicorns Minnesota Twins 2021
Malik Barrington Beavers Minnesota Twins 2021
Nolan Clenney Unicorns New York Mets 2021
Jordan Hovey Unicorns Kansas City Royals 2021
Jarod Wright Mammoths Chicago Cubs 2021
Dugan Darnell Hoppers Colorado Rockies 2021
Max Bain Unicorns Chicago Cubs 2020
Luis Contreras Hoppers Milwaukee Brewers 2019
Alec Craig Mammoths Minnesota Twins 2019
Noah Gotsis Hoppers Colorado Rockies 2019
Adrian Guzman Unicorns Minnesota Twins 2019
Josh Hejka Mammoths New York Mets 2019
Eric Jones Unicorns Minnesota Twins 2019
Kyle Olliges Beavers Colorado Rockies 2019
Spencer Stockton Unicorns Cincinnati Reds 2019
Randy Wynne Beavers Cincinnati Reds 2019
Cody Brown Unicorns Seattle Mariners 2018
Chris Dula Unicorns Milwaukee Brewers 2018
Logan Gillaspie Hoppers Milwaukee Brewers 2018
Jake Mayer Unicorns Seattle Mariners 2018
Jalen Miller Hoppers Baltimore Orioles 2018
Tyler Palm Hoppers Minnesota Twins 2018
Jesse Stinnett Unicorns Colorado Rockies 2018
Tanner Kiest Hoppers Minnesota Twins 2017
Greg Jones Unicorns Colorado Rockies 2017
Kevin Marnon Beavers Minnesota Twins 2017
Randy Dobnak Unicorns Minnesota Twins 2017
Taylor Grzelakowski Unicorns Minnesota Twins 2017
Kevin Matthews Beavers Atlanta Braves 2017
Alex Maloney Beavers Chicago White Sox 2017
Ross Vance Beavers St. Louis Cardinals 2016
Aaron Bossi Beavers New York Yankees 2016
Chris McDonald Hoppers Pittsburgh Pirates 2016
Evan Piechota Unicorns Pittsburgh Pirates 2016
Dalton DiNatale Hoppers Los Angeles Dodgers 2016
Mitch Aker Unicorns Arizona Diamondbacks 2016
Hawtin Buchanan Beavers Cincinnati Reds 2016
Austin Crutcher Unicorns Chicago White Sox 2016
Andrew Potter Unicorns Pittsburgh Pirates 2016
Fernelys Sanchez Beavers Washington Nationals 2016
Mitch Osnowitz Hoppers Boston Red Sox 2016
Alex Santana Hoppers Washington Nationals 2016
Austin Leyritz Beavers Baltimore Orioles 2016