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Outdoor Event Space Detroit

When looking for outdoor space in Detroit, look no further than Jimmy John’s Field. The home of the United Shore Professional Baseball League. Although you may know us as just a baseball league, we also cover and offer a variety of packages to meet all your high-quality outdoor event needs. 

The Venue

Whether you are planning a smaller intimate event or need to hire a venue for your corporate event, Jimmy John’s Field can help, with its comprehensive range of private hire uses and additional extras available to make each occasion memorable. Not only do we have outdoor event space, but we also have the facility for you to hire indoor space such as the pavilion, or even the AAA clubhouse. 

To make any event planning run easier, we also offer the facility to provide extras for your event such as microphones, a full stadium sound system, TV screens, mascots as well as food and drink concession stands for your guests.

It boasts a gorgeous backdrop to cover all occasions with the greenery of the field and the trees framing the outfield as a backdrop for all of your photography and video requirements, allowing you to relive the memories over and over again.

Outdoor Events

Here is an idea of the events that we’ve happily hosted over the years. Of course, if you have plans for something different, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we can discuss this further. 


With all this outdoor space available to hire, you will be able to create a party to cover any event. With large grassland available we are able to offer a party to go down in the history books, that will be as unique as the person you are throwing it for. 

You’ll have the luxury of not having to worry about being confined by limited space. By utilizing an open-top stadium you’ll be able to enjoy the fresh Detroit air and the beautiful evening glow as the sun starts to set.

With this available, it can offer such versatility to host family gatherings, requiring kids entertainment and soft play or bounce houses as well as an abundance of space for them to tire themselves out running around. Birthday parties for all ages, school reunions, or engagement parties.


Whether you are considering a marque or having your wedding, reception, or both under the open sky. Jimmy John’s Field can be transformed to make your dream become a reality. With the lighting and sound options available you’ll be able to make this celebration one full of vibrancy. 

With the location being that of the baseball league you’ll be able to merge the dreams of both the bride and the groom in this perfect venue that shows beauty, elegance with the history and atmosphere every sports lover will appreciate.

Click here to see a breakdown of the hiring facilities and costs available and if you have any additional requests or queries about making use of this great outdoor space please get in touch.