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Frequently Asked Questions

Extra Innings Rule

If the game is tied after the completion of 9 innings or after completion of an inning once the game has reached the 2.5-hour time limit, then the game will go to extra innings as follows:

The teams will play another half inning in a “Sudden Victory” format with three outs. Before the start of the inning, the manager of both teams will join the home plate umpire at home plate for a coin toss. The manager of the home team will choose heads or tails, and the umpire will toss the coin. The manager of the team that wins the coin toss will decide whether to play offense or defense. The offensive team will begin with a runner on first base (the batter that made the last out in the previous inning), and the offensive team will continue hitting with whoever was scheduled to hit next in the lineup. If the offensive team scores, the offensive team wins. If the offensive team doesn’t score, the defensive team wins.