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Reading Program

Our goal is to hit as many home runs as possible, not just out of Jimmy John’s Field, but in our many communities. Connecting with schools in our area is just as important to us as baseball. We want to work with you to create the best possible program that will allow your students to grow. The USPBL Reading Program is designed to incentivize kids to read, and in exchange for achieving reading goals (as established by their teachers), kids earn a free ticket to a game at Jimmy John’s Field.


  1.  Sign up by e-mailing for an enrollment form
  2. Set reading requirements
  • Educators set goals and requirements. Each “base” can be reached by assigning a certain number of books, pages, hours spent reading, etc.
  1. Track Student Progress
  • For your convenience, a classroom poster is available to track the progress of each student to home plate.
  1. Complete the Program
  • Distribute ticket order forms to students who successfully complete the program and enjoy using your complimentary ticket at Jimmy John’s Field!

For more information on the USPBL Reading Program, please e-mail to